Udensi Mathew Ukeje aka Hype MC and Afro hip hop singer is the younger brother to Nigga Raw. The Enugu State-based artiste who has shared the stage with big names on platforms like Star Trek is taking his career to the next level as he has just released a new single, Oge Hype. In this chat with Entertainer, he opens up on his career. Excerpts:

Tell us about your background?

I am Udensi Matthew Ukeje. I am from Abia State. I was born and brought up in Enugu. I am from a family of eight and I am the last born.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on shooting a new video for my latest effort, Oge Hype, because the response has been awesome! It gave me a name in the industry, espe­cially in the south east and many fans abroad appreciate the song.

How do you get inspiration to write songs?

Everything around me inspires me. A conductor’s phrase can inspire me to do a song.

What are the challenges you are cur­rently facing?

Basically, I will say finance though it is going to be a thing of the past soon because I believe I am paying my dues.

Which top musicians have influenced your career so far?

My big brother, Mr Raw and Tu Baba. However, Flavour and Phyno have also influenced me because they were like brothers to me way back in Enugu. They kept telling me that if they could get there, then, anybody could.

Which top artistes do you want to feature in your music?

Flavour, I already did a song with him but that was way back in the day. So, I am looking forward to doing a fresh job with him and we are already working on something. Just keep your fingers crossed and expect a hit soon.

There is so much competition, how do you hope to break into the industry?

The sky they say is too big for all of us. If all the stars in the skies can fit in without clashing, then the industry is too big to accommodate all of us.

Tell us about the record label you are working with?

I am with Rawdeal Records owned by my big brother, Mr Raw. But I am currently working on establishing my own label.

Tell us about growing up and how you started writing your own songs?

My growing up was filled with fun. I started by miming. I was known as Black Eminem way back in second­ary school because I was miming the brother’s songs from A to Z. So I told myself ‘if I can mime another guys song from A-Z and a foreign job for that matter that means I can write my own.’ That’s how I started writing my songs.

Did anyone close to you try to dis­courage you about music?

Some people played that role. Haters will always be like ‘oh because his brother made it, that is why he ventured into it.’ But hard work is speaking for itself now. Thank God for the journey so far.

Who is your celebrity crush and why?

Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson and that is because their dress sense and appearance is killing; simplicity rocks for me.

If music hadn’t worked out for you, what would you have been doing today?

I would have been the one on the other side of the interview while you’ll be the one answering the questions because I read Mass Communication.

In the next five years, where do you think music will take you to?

I am going to be among the A-list on the continent by His special grace.